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Shooting + Party mit Lisa Akesson

An other really exciting busy week has past. I woke up in gorgeous Vienna on Monday morning to do a jewelry shoot for an Austrian magazine. It was all about Chanel. The make up, styling and the beautiful jewelry that was flown in from Paris for the day. I felt like a spoiled princess surrounded by all the glitter.

Beautiful hotel view

Tasteful bling bling

The week went on with a day off to relax a little, and continued with a mini trip to Metzingen, a small city outside of Stuttgart in south of Germany.
For a few days a shoot for Metzingen Outlet City, which is exactly what it sounds like. A mini town with big brands selling their products to up to 70 % cheaper than in stores. Every womans paradise and many mens hell… 😉
I knew almost the entire team from other productions so it was indeed a lot of fun with great energy and many laughs.

I love going on working trips like this one. The job becomes so much more than just work when you’re living together for a few days and spend so much time with each other, also outside of the working hours. The job was quite free with space for creative ideas and more acting and playing around than a normal shooting. It really gave me a lot of energy!

Back in Hamburg for a bit the dancing shoes came on and I met up with my girls for a short but sweaty dancing night out at Pop 66.

A perfect sunny Sunday in Sternschanze


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