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Lisa Akessons‘ Reise um die Welt // Schweden


The last piece of vacation in pictures and words, on Monday am I heading back to Hamburg ready to get back to work again. It’s been great last days in Varberg, Gothenburg and also over one day in Stockholm, where I finally got my US visa approved! One step closer to making it to the big apple… I also had an amazing day and night of camping by a lake close by our house. Me and two girlfriends rented a canoe and paddled around the lake the whole day. We took skinnidipps when we got to hot, ate fresh fruits and picked chanterelles. In the evening we managed to make a camp fire with logs and sticks we found and grilled meat we brought with us. Bbq never tasted better


A tini tiny island where we stopped for a bit.

Gothenburg by the „Lions stairs“ a beautiful night after a great day of tax-advicer-meetings, „fika’s“ and entertainment at the festival taking place in the town right now

The magnificent Urban Outfitters shop in Stockholm, it’s rebuild from an old movie theatre.

A silent walk with our dog a few minutes from the house.

The beautiful coast of Varberg with the „Cold bath house“. The house stands on the water and in the winter time you can take refreshing skinny dips in the ice cold water and after quickly heat up in the saunas with the beautiful view over the ocean.

The best (and actually only… ) club in Varberg

Bilder via: Lisa Akesson fotografiert mit IXUS 115 HS FRT HOR GREY von Canon

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