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Lisa Akessons‘ Birthday Hopping XXL

The past week have I been spending 718 minutes (or 11,96 hours) in regional trains working in four different German citys… 🙂
I have to admit that the arrival of the weekend with time for some rest and fun social time was very welcomed and needed. It’s ironic how sitting down traveling, doing actually nothing, sometimes can be so exhausting.

I also managed to celebrate two birthdays, one in Berlin where one of this weeks birthday-friends live. In the night we and a few friends went to a „Lesung“ by the German author Max Goldt who read out of „Gattin aus holzabfällen“ at the beautiful Theatre Berliner ensemble. A great german challenge for me, at least I understood the main essence of most of it, which made me a little proud 🙂 We finished up the warm night in my favorite city with long walk and a small dinner at a cosy Italian place

My hamburg-weekend was one long celebration of my best friend who also had birthday. A toast at 12 pm into the day, birthday breakfast, birthday dinners, drinks and a concert with one of our favorite bands at the birthday night. I couldn’t think of any better way to spend the weekend days than to celebrate this wonderful girl with dear friends.

Romeo, Nico and Tim – Fuck art let’s dance at Deutsche Schauspielhaus


A lazy Sunday walk in the park „Planten und Bloomen“ in the city centre of Hamburg.

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