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Lisa Åkesson // trägt Lady Gaga’s Schuhe!

Unsere liebe Lisa ist weiterhin in Deutschland unterwegs und hat unter anderem zwei wunderbare Covershoots hinter sich – was sie sonst noch so erlebt hat in den letzten zwei Wochen, hat sie für euch dokumentiert – wie immer mit ein paar schönen Fotos!

Suddenly work is picking up and I had very busy last weeks of the year. It’s all or nothing, no work at all, or busy busy every day for me.
The last two weeks I managed to shoot two covers, do about 500-600 dresses for an online store, 2-3 editorials, some advertisement jobs and a few days at Conleys. This week I start up in Berlin, continue in Zurich, I will then go back to Hamburg, back again to Zurich and finally end up in the Christmas preparations in Sweden with my family.
On the side of work I try to find time for my psychology online course thats been running for some weeks now, my choir that this weekend had Lucia concerts (a Swedish Christmas light celebration to remember the Italian saint Sankta Lucia) gym and friends. And Christmas presents. Hm, to be honest I have barely started with them…
Well, in the end everything will work out some how, and if it doesn’t it’s not suppose to work out, at least not right now :)


The most absurd shoes I ever worn. Specially made for Lady Gaga… (!)

Out hunting for the perfect warm winter boots in Berlin

Scandinavian Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin

Lucia celebration with my choir

Europa Passage Hamburg

Shooting in Botanischer Garten, Berlin

Sneak peak! Shooting with talented Björn Krischker and Maik Floeder.

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