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Lisa Akesson springt 12 Meter in die Tiefe!!!

I had a very relaxing first vacation week, though filled with many meetings with loved ones.
This time I hadn’t seen my family and friends for about four months. We had a lot to catch up on!
BBQ nights, dinners, coffees (or „fika“s as we say in Swedish :) ) swims in the lakes and walks in the woods.
We did some Swedish shopping in Gothenburg and also a few nights of going out in the small town Varberg close to where I grew up.
It’s really amazing to come back and see everybody!

My best friend from Hamburg visited me over the weekend, we had such a great time!
On Saturday we went to a lake deep in the forest with some other friends to jump from a 12 meter high cliff. Quite an exciting experience!
The view from the cliff…

A fun Swedish late summer tradition is to have a Cray fish party.
We drink wine and snaps (a shot of strong alcohol served chilled), sing silly songs and everybody has to wear little triangle shaped hats looking really goofy.


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