Lisa Akesson rockt die Hauptstadt!!!

Oh, what a fantastic spontaneous unexpected great week!
The last days at the IFA fair for Miele went by really fast and easy and the beautiful Berlin-evenings I’ve been spending with friends at great bars, restaurants, fleemarkets and cafés.

There’s no end to the many inspiring, historical intimating places in this city.
With open relaxed people, a little bit of accepted craziness and it’s international vibe Berlin just blows me away…

Karaoke im Mauerpark

East / West side border

Altes Europa in Mitte

Back in Hamburg I had an other nice working day for Conley’s. It is always a pleasure to see the team again, laugh about silly things for a bit and catch up on everything that happened through the past months. It is a little bit like coming home to a happy family welcoming me with open warm arms.
During the day I found out that I had to leave for a job Düsseldorf the same night. With basically only the clothes I was wearing, my face cream and charger, that I luckily brought to work that day, I arrived in Düsseldorf. My generous friend Nicole provided me with a toothbrush and a half bed for the weekend and I ended up staying until Sunday night.
In Düsseldorf after the job the „Vogue fashion night’s out“ was on. An other dear inspiring new found friend and I visited the Jil Sander event in the warm Düsseldorf night.
Life simply just doesn’t happen the way one plans it, and that’s a good thing!

The Jil Sander store where the event took place

Düsseldorf city centre with it’s extra ordinary architecture by Frank Gehry

A spontaneous fun-shooting Saturday in D-town

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