Lisa Akesson Part 2 – Greece // Das Leben eines Models!

It has been a though last working week in Athens. On Tuesday I had a hot sweaty outdoor shooting for the shoe brand Migato. The team and I drove three hours up north from Athens to the impressive mountains at Thermopylae – The hot gate, to do the shooting. The movie „300“ is based on the battle between the Greeks and the Persians that  took place there 480 BC. On the way back my agency called and asked if I could do a second job for Elle Magazine. The model who first were booked got sick and now they had to replace her. I worked 22 h in a row that day… I also had three other magazine shootings during the week.


By the weekend I had time for visiting museums and do some shopping. I bought greek leather sandals in the gorgeous little shop „Melissinos Art, The Poet Sandal Makers“.
Pantelis Melissinos who owns it is the third generation in his family running it. He make the shoes by hand in the shop and fit them after your feet. Just amazing! ( The Acropolis Museum is definitely worth a visit.



It is with mixed feelings I am leaving Greece after three working weeks different from anything I ever experienced.
The extreme heat, sun and the ancient interesting greek culture. The city of Athens with it’s indescribable magical vibe and many great fun memories. Though also the tragical backside with high crime rates, many illegal immigrants and the economical situation that keeps getting worse. I’ve met as many different opinions about what is happening in this country as I met persons here. Some of the problems and the irritation grows from how the government, politicians and the police handle difficult situations and make decisions. Also the fact that a big group of Greek inhabitants are living a life they can not afford but instead take loans to cover up for, increase the economical problems.It is frustrating to see the bitterness and also the worries about the future people carry around. Many freelance workers in the fashion business (and other businesses of course) are only earning half of the salary they used to and every third young person is without a job.
Though people seem to find ways to stay happy and I’m impressed about how good they are at appreciating the small things in life and make the best out if any situation. Maybe the fact that the holidays (that many Atheans spend on the beautiful Greek Islands) are coming up, and as well the relaxed attitude to life, that Greek people seem to have in general helps.


See you later Athens, I will miss you…



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