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Lisa Åkesson // Ein Model und die Vorweihnachtszeit

Hamburg is freezing and the first christmas feelings are expressing them self, at least for me. I just can’t wait to stroll around at the Weinachtsmarkt. Look, smell, touch and taste all the beautiful creations. This week I joined the Swedish church choir in Gustav Adolfskyrkan at Landungsbrucken. Oh, how I missed it! Singing christmas carols, talk Swedish and spend time with new interesting people left me with a ecstatic feeling. On the Friday the church had a Swedish Christmas basar and to my excitement Swedish glue wine and Christmas cookies were for sale. They also sold Swedish chocolate, Christmas decorations and elk decorated extremely ugly things in all kinds of shapes…




On the weekend I travelled to Amsterdam to do a runway workshop led by Kim Vos. She’s a strong inspiring choreograph and personal runway trainer that I met at Berlin fashion week this summer. With all her knowledge about the business, own experience (as she herself had a very successful model career) and her great energy she’s a fresh wind that I wish all girls stepping in to this business would had the chance to meet and work with. The workshop was devided in two parts, the morning was more directed to personal development and the afternoon actual walking. Together from scratch we builded up a whole picture of the concept „Me“ as a model, improved, played with and explored my personal walk. Check out her homepage here: www.bdifferent.org/ The studio we were practicing in



I have a few friends in Amsterdam so the rest of the weekend I spent with them, shopping, partying, cooking laughing and strolling around in the city. It was my first visit to the pretty and charming town. Though the fact that I almost didn’t made it back to Hamburg due to the heavy amount of fog, I really enjoyed the liberating refreshing city.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam




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