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Lisa Akesson// Das Leben eines Models!

Hallo meine Lieben! Heute ist ein ganz besonderer Tag für mich, jaja, denn ab heute schreibt das erfolgreiche Model Lisa Akesson (Modelwerk) in meinem Blog. Ich persönlich finde es total spannend – denn so gelingt uns ein kleiner Einblick hinter die Kulissen eines Topmodels. Wie lebt sie, was macht sie wenn sie nicht vor der Kamera steht und ich denke sie wird auch mit so manch einem Vorurteil aufräumen können. Ich persönlich bin sehr gespannt was Lisa so von der Welt zu berichten hat. Nächste Stationen der süßen Schwedin: New York, London und … ach lest und seht selber:

Hi there!
My name is Lisa Akesson and I work full-time as a model. I am 21 years old and originally from Sweden. The past year and a half I have been based in Hamburg with Modelwerk and during that time I had the chance to do many fun working days for Conleys. Recently I am taking the opperturnety to travel a bit more through out my job. You will be able to follow me here weekly with updates about my every day life.

Right now I am in Athens, Greece for a few weeks.
It has been a great time here so far with many nice shootings for magazines, catalogues and designers in studio and also at amazing outdoor locations.
This last week was unusually glamourous and I was lucky enough to see two of the most famous Greek Islands, Santorini and Mykonos. There I shot with the greek photographer Thanasis Krikis for Saga Falabella, a catalogue from Peru that came oversees to produce.
I also shot with George Katsanakis for Harpers Bazaar this week.

It is very different to work in Greece compared to well organized Germany. For example is it impossible for me to be late in this country. The ones who know me personally can tell that it says a lot… When I arrive when I would call it late, I am still always the first person on set and the working days are usually very long. People just like to take things slow and do everything but working. They smoke a lot (and everywhere), drink many Fredo Espressos and again, smoke a lot… Though when they finally start working they do it very well and I am absolutely sure I will leave here with many nice pictures.

Greek people also have a very hospitable side to them. They are proud of their country (despite over how their current economical situation now looks…) and the friends I made here have been generous enough to show me Athens from it’s best side.The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches and by boat you can easily travel out to several islands.“

Lisa <3

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