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Culture Shock! Germany

While the fashion weeks are coming to their end for this time, I’m having my adventure staying in Germany.

My week started in Hamburg with a creative taping night out.

We humans tend to create routines easy and become blind for the wonderful things around us. A few friends and I gathered to under(outer)line something I think pretty much all of us have gotten used to and do not pay any special attention to.

Is it possible to define art?


Street- and faceart.


For more photos visit.


I worked in Berlin for one day and the same night three crazy girlfriends and I had a fun night out visiting the Circus Krone that now is in town.


Thursday was a nice easy day with the Conleys team again.

In the afternoon I found out that I was booked for two days of work in München so the same night I flew to Bayern where I had two of my best shooting days ever.

Both the Friday and Saturday shoots was with Sacha Höchstetter and one of my absolute favourite make up artists Susanne Krammer. We did a beautiful Asia inspired shoot in a japanese garden. The sun was bright shining from a clear blue sky and the whole team was great.

The day after one of my dreamshoots came true, the team and I drove 30 minutes outside of Munchen to a idyllic, serene little village where we shoot with a horse! The make up and hair was amazing, again perfect weather, great styling and I was probably the happiest model on earth :)


After the shoot the photographer invited the whole team to a great night at the Oktoberfest where he had booked two tables. It was an experience I can tell… Thousands and thosands drunk, ecstatic happy (defenitly not all of them though…) Germans in beautiful traditional suits. Men wearing tight leatherpants and women traditional dirndl dresses in 19th century style. All drinking Maß, singing and dancing to german „folksmusik“ like crazy people. Lucky me who got the chance to be part of this big feast for once!



Sacha and I doing the dance

A perfect week for me is a week when I’m able to appreciate everything fully that I’m experiencing, I think this was one of those weeks.

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