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Berlin // Schönste Stadt der Welt!!

Finally I am back to work. Rested, a little bit restless and definitely ready for new exciting adventures. So far this week I already managed a few jobs here and there and some great catch ups with dear friends I luckily been in the same city as. It is indeed a small beautiful world! Espresso Martinis, entertaining company and this breathtaking view from the top floor (20up Skybar) of the Empire Riverside Hotel in Hamburg. It just can’t go wrong!

Yesterday I arrived in Berlin to do a six-days job for Miele at the IFA electronic fair. I did the same show-week last year, and it was really great to come back this time and see everybody again. It is a very well organized and conspicuous stand Miele have set up! The impressing runway with a actual waterfall coming down in the back, forming different pictures and words.

In the evening my dear friend who I am staying with this week took me to a gorgeous little Vietnamese place called „Si An“ ( in Prenzlauer Berg, I can absolutely recommend it. The atmosphere is incredible inviting and of course is the food and drinks delicious.

Berlin, it’s really great to be back for a bit…

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